KliQr for Retailers

Increase your sales with the MiV customer intelligence and native-advertising platform that uses customer purchase and non-purchase data to distribute hyper-targeted loyalty/discount offers

Increase sales conversion with native-advertising

Target customers who shop online

Connect with Bank customers who are primed for your discounts. Learn more about customers who shop in your retail categories, for more effective and efficient loyalty & discount engagements.

Drive traffic to your digital marketplace

With the growing number of customers on the MiV platform who see these loyalty and discount offers, retailers can achieve high levels of awareness of their products and services.

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Target the right eyeballs with your loyalty & discount programmes on our MiV platform

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Retail spend patterns

Access to customer spend patterns to guide discount / loyalty decision making

Optimised Native-Advertising Platform

With KliQr's partnerships with Banks, get access to the millions of retail customers on the MiV platform for targeted communications

Customer Expense Categories

Access customer purchase categories to guide product inventory decision making

Competitive Analysis

See how you compare with your competitors (share of wallet) to assess how loyal your customers are to you

Purchase Context

Glean insights on the context of customer purchases (frequency, recency and seasonality) to guide product inventory decision making

Channel Insights

See which digital payment channels have the most traction with customers who shop in your retail category


Increase retail enterprise value with the easy-to-integrate MiV native advertising platform

  1. 1
    Retail Customer Growth

    Transform your digital marketing and sales activities with consumer insights that can achieve increased customer loyalty and market share increase

  2. 2
    Optimise Digital Channel Marketing

    Increase the value of digital as a marketing channel for your business with the power of an intelligent, data-driven native-advertising platform

  3. 3
    Full Digital View of the Customer

    Understand where, when and how customers engage with your brand and your competitors to guide planning and implementation of competitive strategy

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