Why Native Advertisements are so valuable for SME brands

April 30, 2021 in Financial Services

Why Native Advertisements are so valuable for SME brands

For SMEs, native advertising has the potential to be a very valuable marketing strategy, but knowing how to create and place effective native ads isn’t always easy. 

According to search engine watch, 94% of small businesses use content marketing, but they aren’t getting the results they want. It’s critical to develop a good strategy because a successful search marketing campaign is often dependent on its content marketing.

Native advertising is an important piece in achieving a successful content marketing strategy for a small business. Native advertising is used by brands and marketers because it provides a more relevant communication to the customer and also increases consumer engagement. Native ads have 8.8 times higher click-through rates than traditional online advertising displays, according to an AppNexus report. Native advertising is effective for nearly every business.

What exactly are native ads?

You’ve already seen them. They appear to be part of  content and recommendations, as they are prefaced by phrases like “recommended for you” and “you may also like.” They’ve also been featured on Opera Mini, Nairaland, among other major online publications.

Why native ads are so valuable for SME brands

Native ads are paid content recommendations that blend in with the editorial flow of the platforms they appear on. Native advertising, like any other advertising option, allows you to hyper-target your content to people who are likely to be interested in your product or service. Users appreciate quality native ads because of their authenticity and lack of intrusiveness.

Native advertising is a great marketing option for small and medium sized businesses because Ait has a higher return on investment than many other strategies.

Customers are more willing to read, watch, or experience native ads because they don’t see them as straight-forward marketing tools, as they look like regular content. According to Sharethrough’s research, consumers viewed native ads 52% more than banner ads and 26% more than editorial content.

Since native ads tell a story or discuss something interesting that is related to the customer, they are far more engaging than traditional display marketing. This gives your audience the content they want without being overly promotional, resulting in meaningful engagement and higher conversions and brand awareness.

What makes a good native Ad

Here are some of the characteristics that all good native ads have:

  • Native ads should never be misled, questioned, or mislabeled as advertisements.
  • They are displayed on a relevant host platform that is visited by or appeals to the same customer segments (demographic or demographics) as the ad.
  • The article’s content is interesting or valuable to the host platform’s reader.
  • The header, intro, inbound links to the content, and external ads for the native ad itself must all be compelling and appropriate in order to attract people to read the content.

Curious how native advertising could help create value for your brand? We are happy to take you through this journey. Reach our sales team on  https://www.kliqr.com/contact-us/

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