How Fashion Brands can utilize Native Advertising

May 18, 2021 in Financial Services

How Fashion Brands can utilize Native Advertising

Fashion brands have a “lookbook” of themes and execution choices that work well with native ads, from spotting seasonal fashion trends to selecting the right accessories to match with any ensemble. So, what is it that works? Here, we’ll look at what makes people click on your ads, as well as how fashion brands can use native advertising to meet their KPIs and monitor conversions.

The term “native ads” refers to a form of online marketing. It’s a type of monetization that aims to improve a user’s experience on a website or other platform by providing value in the form of relevant content delivered before, during, or after a post, video, podcast, or other form of media.

It might help to look at some of native advertising’s key objectives to better understand what it is and how it works. What is the purpose of it, and what is it supposed to accomplish? In general, native advertising is guided by two primary motivations:

  • It’s a strategy for subtly positioning a company in the minds of customers.
  • It’s a tool to persuade the customer to take a specific action.

Native advertising outperformance other marketing channels. When compared to banner ads, there is a 2x increase in visual emphasis and as opposed, which leads to an 18% increase in buying intent. Native ads are viewed 53% more often than banner ads.

What fashion brands can benefit from native advertising

There are 3 major contexts for fashion brands to achieve their sales objectives using native advertising. 

  • Awareness: The aim of this native advertising strategy is to get your products in front of both new and existing customers.
  • Consideration: The target here in the middle of the funnel is usually to generate interest in a page that 
  • Decision: Your material must specifically relate to the commodity at the bottom of the funnel, the final trigger point in the purchase cycle.

How Fashion Brands Can Approach Native Advertising.

Typical marketing tools can be used on native advertising platforms to drive customer acquisition. 

For awareness, fashion brands can promote content specific to their product categories that has a wide appeal, using video, photo galleries, blogs, and blog posts to create engaging content. According to research, photo galleries have the highest engagement rates. Photographs of people interacting with your products have proven to increase message click through rate (CTR). 

For the middle of the funnel consideration phase, fashion brands can promote content on native-advertising platforms that are specifically designed to highlight the benefits of your product. This could include offering a valuable incentive like a discount or a favourable customer feedback, to assist the prospect in determining their needs.

For the decision phase, in the title of the message, mention the price points. This will assist you in setting the proper expectations. Make an attempt to incorporate the CTA into the title. Instead of using another stock image, if you have a product to sell, show it. Indicate how you have a competitive advantage. What are the advantages of people clicking on your ad? Is it a limited-time offer? Give them a reason to press the button.

In conclusion…

On any given day, the average customer is bombarded with lots of  brand messages.  Having said that, it’s not surprising that people tune out advertisements on a regular basis. Banner advertisements are scrolled past because they are perceived as noise, another distraction from the content we are trying to consume.

Native advertising has the potential to be a powerful tool, and it will undoubtedly continue to evolve and flex to meet the needs of both advertisers and consumers. It has provided advertisers and publishers with exciting new opportunities beyond what advertorials and display ads can provide.
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