KliQr for Individuals

Manage money better with an app that personalizes your money insights, allows you create budgets and track your expenses.

Achieve budget management goals with an easy
to use app

Intuitively track your spending

With the KliQr app, users can track their spending on-the-go, without the need for manually inputting purchases in Excel sheets

Create Personal Budgets

Easily create and update budget categories and values that suit your spending needs, help you achive your money outcomes and live a better life


Manage your money when you want to, how you want to

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Create and Pay Bills

Automate the payment of your utility bills to avoid service cuts, and receive reminders for upcoming bills so you can plan ahead

Generate Spend Insights

See your expense category patterns in one view, to guide budget decision making

Access Opportunities

See opportunities to get more value from your money and improve your money outcomes

Create and Track Budgets

Achieve agile money management by tracking your expenses and adjusting on-the-go

Access to merchant discounts and offers

We connect our customers with exciting discounts and also offers from merchants they shop with.

All your accounts in one place.

Get a real-time view and easily track and manage your entire financial life with our Dashboard.


Achieve your money management goals, with the power of a tool that is built to help you stay on top of your money

  1. 1
    Control of your Money

    With the KliQr app, you are sure that budget management is one more thing not to worry about

  2. 2
    Stay on top of your Payments Due

    By proactively scheduling payments, you are sure not to miss out on the important things in life

  3. 3

    The KliQr app helps you improve your personal money accountability for improved life outcomes

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Download the App

Download the KliQr app to start intuitively managing your money better and enjoy lots more features including budgets, bill payments and our month-in-view statements.

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