Income Verification

Identify what your customers’ actual income is, using real time bank data

Machine Learning
driven income

How we verify income

Using machine learning, we're able to discover a customer's income and verify each stream by applying 6 unique income modelling algorithms, providing accuracies of up to 94%.

How we back our outcome

We further support our calculated income figure by providing you with a 3-digit Confidence Score, from 111-555 — which is a sum of all flag scores our platform considers.


Each income calculated, is specific for each customer,
so that you can make better decisions

Alternative Text
Modelling Algorithms

6 unique algorithms that go beyond vague income matching flags

Multiple Streams Support

Discover incomes from multiple streams, including none professional sources

Customizable Filtering

Determine which factors are used for assessment, with our inbuilt filtering tools

Historic Data

With access to raw bank data, you can
go back to any point-in-time


Any business can begin verifying incomes in 30 minutes or less

Multiple Use Cases

From Landlords to lenders, income verification works for every business


Gain a holistic picture of an individual's income, including source, type, amount,
and other information a regular bank statement does not show

  1. 1
    Reduce internal inefficiencies

    Ability to verify customers' income in seconds allows you spend less time analyzing documents and investigating potential fraud

  2. 2
    Verify any customer

    Verify anyone with a bank account in Nigeria, without the need for physical statements. We use raw bank data to discover an individual's real financial profile

  3. 3
    Real Insights

    We don't infer income. Our algorithms provide true insight into how a customer earns, all from real-time bank data