Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how KliQr uses customer purchase insights to personalise Retail customer experience

Retailers can seamlessly join the platform by providing details of their discount, including the product, discount offer value (percentage of the original price) and discount volume (number of those discounts available). Once the discounts are accepted by KliQr's Bank partners, the discounts will be published on the MiV platform.
Since the discounts recommendations are based on customer transaction patterns, it may take as long as 30 days to determine if a specific merchant discount is approved by any of KliQr's Bank partners.
We connect retailers with exciting discounts to Bank customers who are primed for those discounts. Our value to retailers helps them learn more about customers who shop in their retail categories, for more effective and efficient loyalty & discount engagements thereby increasing sales for retailers
Retailers DO NOT share any enterprise or customer data with KliQr. They only share information on the discount offers as stated in (1) above.