Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how KliQr uses customer purchase insights to personalise Bank customer experience

This will require a technical integration. Please refer to the Documentation information (link this to the Documentation page of the website). Once the technical integration is complete, you will have log-in details to the KliQr Data Value Realisation (DVR) dashboard, which will give you access to customer insights and discount opportunities from KliQr's partner Merchants.
A couple of days on the average.
Discount promos on MiV are only activated with Banks cards, therefore increasing the volume of transactions and retail channel income. Also, Our MiV’s social sharing feature allows access to viral user-generated content that can create a buzz effect that achieves brand recognition and awareness and also improves customer’s perception of the Bank brand
KliQr is wholly commited to data protection. Please see our Data Governance Principles (link this to the Data Governance page of the website)