KliQr provides developers with an integration to build the future of digital finance

Turn raw data
into intelligently categorised data
with our APIs

Data Enrichment APIs

APIs that provide transaction categorisation and merchant identification to help developers build products with superior customer experiences

Understand Purchase Data Context

Recognise context of purchase data, based on transaction description, amount, date and contextual metadata to support product development

Flexible and cost efficient price plans

Our flexible price plans help you achieve efficient product development.

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Per API call

This only applies to successfully categorized transactions




Per API call

This only applies to successfully generated reports


Efficiently process data at scale, to achieve market-product fit

  1. 1
    Save Development Time

    Achieve accuracy of customer transaction categorisation with high levels of categorisation accuracy

  2. 2
    Generate Insights on Customers

    Understand the customers you are building for, with the power of transaction categorisation patterning

  3. 3
    Product Feature Development

    With insights gleaned from categorisation, identify the features that can be easily monetised

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