About Us

We capture and analyse data to generate insights banks and retailers need for customer personalisation.

We provide insights that predict consumer behaviour, helping banks and retailers personalise relationships with customers for improved engagement and revenue generation.

Create personalised product experiences for customers

Our Mission

To help individuals and businesses make sense of their financial data.

Our Vision

To facilitate intelligent customer engagements across Africa.

From The Founders

We see a world where customers expect intuitive, frictionless and personalised experiences with brands. We exist to help Banks and retailers meet this customer expectation.

To achieve this, we have invested in building the people, infrastructure, systems and processes that access customer data, process this data and generate insights that answer very specific questions about customer preferences.

With brands able to personalise their value propositions for their customers, they unlock new opportunities to improve enterprise value, just as customers enjoy richer relationships with the brands they do business with.

Our Journey So Far

  1. Launched our mobile app

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    Launched the KliQr Personal Finance Management (PFM) mobile app, that helps users track their expenses, make bill payments, tag their transactions and create personal budgets.

  2. B2B Offerings

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    Begun market testing for business to business value propositions, based on computing capabilities of the KliQr transaction engine.

  3. Started supporting digital banks

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    Onboarded first B2B client, Kudi Money to provide customer transaction categorisation APIs.

  4. Backing from investors

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    Raised seed funding .

  5. First client MiV deployment

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    We had our first MiV solution client deployment for Sparkle, Nigeria's leading digital Bank